Benefits Of Being Part OF R.E. Boggs Inc.’s
Universal Savings Agreement


No Overtime Fees

15% Off All Repairs

Customers Are Moved To
Front Of List For Service Calls


We understand that every dollar counts. At R.E. Boggs we have developed a preventative maintenance plan to save you money and maximize your systems life span. We recommend that our customers have their HVAC systems cleaned twice a year. This will maximize your unit’s efficiency and lower your energy bills.

As a Blue Service Agreement customer you have many benefits. You will likely need less repairs and hopefully none with our regular maintenance. However if you do you will automatically receive 15% off on all your repairs. You never pay overtime. That’s right, after hours and on weekends you will not be charged overtime.

Give us a call or send us an email to find out how you can join our Universal Savings Agreement.

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